Spiral resistors

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Spiral resistors in various size classes

Manufacturing and delivery from Porvoo to all of Finland

We manufacture spiral resistors with the CNC-controlled spiralling machine in our machine stock, using rounded resistor wire or resistor tape. The resistor wires are 0.5 to 5 mm in diameter and the spirals have an inner diameter of 10 to 50 mm. Other sizes are also possible, since spiral resistors are always manufactured on the basis of the needs of the customer. Both the design and manufacturing are done at our plant in Porvoo, from where we deliver the spiral resistors to everywhere in Finland.

Good equipment and first-class raw materials

Resistors can be fitted with powerless components, either as stiff pins or as wires. In addition, spiral resistors can be manufactured to include, for example, ceramic support frames.

In our production, we only use high-quality raw materials, resulting in skilfully designed, dimensioned and manufactured spiral resistors resulting from 40 years of experience.