Resiterm Ltd

An expert in industrial heat sources, heating resistors and heating solutions

Resiterm Ltd., based in Porvoo, is known as an experienced and reliable manufacturer of electric heating resistors. We have already supplied our heating resistors for 40 years for the needs of various fields of industry and research institutions everywhere in Finland. In addition to heating resistors, special heating appliances are also within our field of expertise. We can also supply you with the accessories of the field. For more information on our products, see the products section.

We are a solid expert in heat sources, heating solutions and heating resistors. Tailored to meet the wishes of our customers, our service is always flexible. In this way, we achieve not only long-lasting customer relationships, but also products that are top-notch in terms of their quality, user experience and durability.

Design, manufacturing and consulting

Good design is the basis of a good product – especially when it is done together with the customer by mapping out their wishes and needs. We offer our long-standing experience and expertise for both the design and the realisation of heating resistor technology. Individualised manufacturing guarantees that the customer receives exactly the kind of product that is appropriate for their intended use.

We also offer consulting services to solve various problems and other challenging situations. When necessary, we will make a prototype for your company and carry out testing. In addition, our excellent contact network is at your disposal, including the best producers and experts around the world.

We serve you backed up by the following strengths that we have:

  • Expert
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • A light organisation

We are a fair partner when your company is in need of an expert in heating and heating resistor solutions. We'd be glad to talk with you in more detail about what kinds of needs your company is facing.


Our office is open on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.The orders to be delivered from our warehouse will be shipped on the day of the order if the order is received no later than 2 pm, otherwise on the next working day.