Packaging machines and bag-sealing machines

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From manually-operated desktop bag-sealing machines to entire packaging lines – manufacturing in Porvoo, deliveries to all of Finland.

Resiterm Ltd. provides you with everything from manually-operated desktop bag-sealing machines to entire packaging lines. The bag-sealing machines of our product range have been designed for demanding use, such as industry and commercial operations. Bag-sealing machines can be used for the packaging of accessories and spare parts, as well as textiles and foodstuffs. All of our machines are CE and UL certified. Ask for an offer or for further information! We manufacture the bag-sealing machines and packaging machines in Porvoo, but deliver them to everywhere in Finland.

Standard bag-sealing machine models:

  • Manually-operated desktop machines
  • Manually-operated desktop machines with a cutting mechanism
  • Pedal-operated desktop machines
  • Pedal-operated desktop machines with a cutting mechanism
  • Automatic machines
  • Packaging lines

In addition to machines, we supply accessories and accessory packages. Standard sizes and accessories are available for fast delivery straight from our warehouse, while special sizes and packaging lines are available on order.

Manually-operated bag-sealing machines

A manually-operated bag-sealing machine i.e. an impulse sealing machine is a handy and versatile device. An impulse sealing machine allows you to make airtight and waterproof seams using several different materials (e.g. polyurethane, PVC, pliofilm, Kel-F, polyflex, mylar, PVA, tivac, saran and nylon).

The seamer, equipped with a cutting knife, cuts the material to be seamed at a distance of 6 mm from the seam. Very useful on a packaging line, for example.

Pedal-operated bag-sealing machines

Multi-purpose impulse seaming machine:

The pedal-operated bag-sealing machines include a multi-purpose impulse seaming machine, which has been designed for continuous use. The sealing machine allows you to make airtight and waterproof seams using the most widely-used thermoplastic materials, such as thermoplastic film, polyethene and polypropene.

The automatic operation and a timer prevent seaming mistakes that may be caused by the user. As soon as the correct values have been set, the automatic operation of the machine takes care of the quality of the seam from the first to the last piece to be seamed.

This machine is ideal for the packaging of foodstuffs, sweets, medicines, tools, spare parts and other accessories. The price includes a pedal for manual use. A unit counter can be ordered as a supplement to the machine.

Double impulse seaming machine for heavy-duty use:

The double impulse seaming machine is also a bag-sealing machine operated by a pedal, suitable for heavy-duty use. This upright machine is well-suited even for thick materials up to 0.5 mm.

This machine makes a seam of between 5 mm and 10 mm in width, depending on the model. Seaming is done both above and under the material at the same time. This method allows you to have a tight seam in less than one second. An ergonomic, adjustable pedestal is included as a standard accessory.

The FIT series bag-sealing machine for exceptionally heavy-duty objects:

For exceptionally heavy-duty objects, such as the packaging of powder, grain, fertilisers or liquids, we have developed the FIT series bag-sealing machine. To ease operation, the seaming end of the pedal-operated upright machine can be adjusted even to a 45-degree angle. The maximum seam length and seam widths are the same as they are in the standard model.

Ask for more information on our bag-sealing machines, or ask directly for an offer! We can offer you fair prices and flexible deliveries.