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Nozzle resistors with top-class propertiesWe manufacture nozzle resistors in Porvoo and deliver them to everywhere in Finland

Resiterm Ltd.'s CMBPE nozzle resistors are the result of several years of development and research. Owing to their fully enclosed structure, the nozzle resistors are operational even in the hardest of conditions. Melted plastic, water or other running substances cannot penetrate inside the resistor and damage it. We manufacture nozzle resistors at our Porvoo plant, but can deliver them to everywhere in Finland. Ask directly for an offer or for further information!

About the properties

The material of the basic models of the nozzle resistors is brass. The maximum heat flux density is 6W/cm² and the maximum temperature +400°C. The wires are made of pure nickel, their heat resistance is +400°C, and the standard length of the wires is 500 mm. However, other lengths are available upon order. Steel braiding protects the wires from mechanical damage.

The terminal box in the standard model (see the image below) is axial (30°). The alternative connections are axial, 0°, radial or tangential.

Installation and tightening

  • 2 brass screws
  • 2 non-revolving nuts
  • Allen key Ø 4 mm

NOTE! Remember to retighten the screw after initial heating.

Make use of our expertise

and order the nozzle resistors from us. We have 40 years of experience behind us, a high-quality machine stock and first-class raw materials. We can offer you the best there is as regards both the services and manufacturing of products. Also familiarise yourself with the other resistors we manufacture.

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