Heat resistant connectors

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Ceramic connectors and other coupling accessories

A diverse selection of products directly from our warehouse in Porvoo and deliveries to everywhere in Finland

The warehouse of Resiterm Ltd. provides various kinds of heat-resistant connectors, such as ceramic connectors, which consist of a ceramic body and steel connector components and screws. These connectors are used at sites where the operating environment sets high demands on the heat resistance of the connector. The connectors are shipped from our Porvoo warehouse to everywhere in Finland. Ask for an offer or for further information on ceramic connectors or other connecting accessories!

Terminal blocks and screw connectors

The so-called sugar cubes come in two-, three-, or four-pin terminal blocks for wires 0.5–6 mm² in diameter. Screw connectors and coated screw connectors are available from 1- to 4-pin types, for wires up to 10 mm² in diameter.

Familiarise yourself with our heating resistors and other products as well

In addition to ceramic connectors and other connector appliances we design, manufacture and deliver various kinds of heating resistors for industrial needs. The products can be ordered in a tailor-made manner so that the customer receives just the kind of product that is appropriate for their needs. Familiarise yourself with our product range! From us, you’ll get affordable prices and flexible service.