Band resistors

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Band resistors with comprehensive insulation properties are shipped from Porvoo to everywhere in Finland

Resiterm Ltd.’s band resistors are manufactured with:

  • micanite insulation
  • ceramic insulation
  • magnesium oxide insulation
  • as a heating resistor moulded inside aluminium

or on the basis of the customer’s needs and intended use. Customer-oriented and flexible, the manufacturing always guarantees the best possible products for a customer. We use first-class raw materials, which together with our 40 years of experience guarantees high-quality product manufacturing, even with demanding orders. We deliver band resistors from our Porvoo plant to everywhere in Finland. Ask for an offer or for further information!

Band resistors with micanite insulation

The standard structure is a heating resistor coated with a chrome plate (ferritic stainless steel plate, diameter 0.5 mm). The highest recommended heat flux density of the resistors is 4W/cm² and the highest recommended operating temperature +450ºC. Band resistors can, when necessary, be equipped with grooves or holes.

The power of the resistor can also be distributed on the ring as sections with different power levels. In addition, the resistor can be manufactured to cover only a part of the ring. An electric coupling can be made to all band and plate resistors using a device socket, screws (with or without a casing), and wire or cable.

Band resistors with ceramic insulation

A resistor made of ceramic components in which the frame sheathing has been made of chrome plate. The highest recommended heat flux density is 8W/cm² and the highest recommended operating temperature +800ºC. These resistors can, when necessary, also be equipped with grooves or holes.

Tell us what kind of band resistors you need, and we will deliver your order to you.

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